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Our Manufacturing Specialty

  • High Pressure Ball Valves
  • Flow Control Valve
  • Non Return / Check Valves
  • Needle Valves
  • High Pressure Needle Valves
  • Shut off valve
  • High Pressure Shut off valve
High Pressure Ball Valves
3-Way Ball Valves
4-Way Ball Valves
5-Way Ball Valves
Manifold Block Mounting Ball Valve
Flow Control Valve
Block Mounting Flow Control Valve
Shut off flow Control Valve
Block Mounting Flow control Valve
Non-Return Valve
Needle Valve
High Pressure Block Mounting Non-Return / Check Valve
Needle Valve
Shut-Off Valve
About Flutec

Flutec Valves was established in 1980 to cater exclusively to a German M.N.C. manufacturing High Pressure Ball valves, Flow Control valves and Check valves. After a successful association over 15 years, Flutec is now an independent organization supplying the same German Technology with highest quality by testing products up to 1000 bar pressure is being continued to manufacture and is being supplied to customers in India as well as customer in abroad.

For expansion of unit, the complete Flutec Industries is shifted to Goregaon. We are also expanding our marketing and service network in Chennai, Bangalore, Calcutta, Delhi and Mumbai to improve customer support.

We are using latest quality control equipment to inspect the products from stage to stage of operations. The raw materials like CS, SS, brass and other materials are ensured to the grade required by the customer and their application. Each product is ensured for good life with perfection or suitable for the end application by quality system adopted by us. Our production process is followed such a way that we can achieve high production with quality required.

We have supplied our valves to many well known companies in hydraulic industry, Material Handling equipment manufacturer and users, Earth moving equipment manufacturers. We have satisfied our clients by supplying them the valves as per their specifications and standard product range. Better in quality and competitive price is our policy that ensures our good relationship with our clients.

Research and Development is strong support to enhance our capabilities to innovate new products. These also help us in better production rate with quality ensured. New designs and metallurgy knowledge help us to achieve leak proof and maintenance free products. As hydraulic industry's demands are changing, we have adopted ourselves to meet the demands growing out of these changes. Our valves have been proved has the most suitable product in the hydraulic industry.

1.  High pressure Ball valve
2.  Manifold Mounting Ball valve
3.  3 way Ball valves
4.  4 way Ball valves
5.  Flow Control valve with Check Valve
6.  Manifold mounting Flow control valve with Check Valve
7.  Flow Control valve without Check Valve
8.  Manifold mounting Flow control valve without Check Valve
9.  Non return valves
10.  Manifold mounting non return valve
11.  Needle valves
12.  Shut off valve
13.  Check valves
14. Diverter Valve